Tucson, AZ -The Arizona Transportation Builders Association (ATB) each year seeks applications from a non-profit or community organization that need assistance as part of ATB’s Volunteer Day. ATB selects a local organization needing services provided by our Membership.

ATB members provide construction services routinely performed by our contractor members such as grading, paving, concrete sidewalks, landscaping, and more, which includes labor and materials for an area clean up – at no cost to the organization selected, area residents, the City of Tucson, or Pima County. About 30 volunteers from various companies are expected to participate in this year’s event. If you know of nonprofit in need of ATB’s Volunteer Day, please view the link for the application.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a brief letter describing their organization and the type of work they need done. The deadline for submitting letters October 14, 2022.

Applications Send To:
Arizona Transportation Builders Association
Attn: 2022 Volunteer Day
1842 West Grant Road, Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85745
[email protected]


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